Surviving Thanksgiving

october 16 2013

Hi again, It's Wednesday mid week and we are over half way to the finish line.  I had a great thanksgiving with family and friends, but I ate something that caused a pretty heavy reaction.   I am … [Read more...]

The dog days…


Well the dog days of weight loss continue.  We are just over five weeks into our challenge and the weight continues to slowly come off.   On a cool note I got a new book called 'Wheat Brain'... … [Read more...]

Closing out the first Four Weeks


It's been a hectic week so my post is a bit late.  I continued to bike with a few treadmill and strength days thrown in between.  The weather is starting to change, much colder in the mornings, I can … [Read more...]

The Heat is On…

greg sept 10

Three weeks have past and I'm still on track.  I've had a few weak moments but I have stayed away from potato chips and all things with wheat.   It looks like I am between 212 and 213 lbs, so cheers … [Read more...]

TheBoomerang Effect


Well I started out this past week sticking to my workout like tape on a hockey stick, by Wednesday I had come down with a bad cold.  By thursday it was moving down into my lungs.   I drank lots of … [Read more...]

Time to Break the Scales :)


Well, after a week of activity and good eating (no potato chips :)  I get to weigh myself in.   I can say I did workout consistently and can already feel the start of change in my body. There … [Read more...]

Weigh In

My four month challenge goal is to weigh in at 195 lbs by Christmas.  I currently weigh 220lbs so this means i need to lose 25 pounds in total or 6 pounds a month which works out to roughly a pound … [Read more...]

My CrossTrainer Challenge Starts

getting ready!

Sitting in front of a computer programming for the past twenty some years has not been kind to me, my health and conditioning has been all over the map.  Although I have no major health issues, I have … [Read more...]