A quick History of Crosstrainer

Started by crosstrainer, Jun 04, 2023, 08:50 AM

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A quick history of Crosstrainer: 

Back in the early 1990's I started working on a program to manage my own Strength Training.   I shared this program with some workout buddies and they suggested that I make it available for others and that's what I did.   

In those days it was on disks, cd's and then the internet came along and Crosstrainer was used with great success all over the world. 

Around 2010 I sold Crosstrainer and from that time on it sat on a shelf. Recently I was able to re-purchase it and the result is Crosstrainer 10. 

I know that technology has moved on and most people use phones, fit-bits and watches for their fitness, but I remain unconvinced that this is the only way forward. 

Why? Well issues like who owns your data and where is it being shared, having more screen-space for managing your training and progress, and a son who's experienced some health impacts were all motivators for me to return to develop the latest and best Crosstrainer.

Crosstrainer is a labor of love and brought me back to the times when many people were thanking me for the positive changes that Crosstrainer had help them make in their lives. 

If I can help just one person get back on track, if I can help one person ramp up their fitness, if I can help someone see the impact of what they eat on their health, that is just fantastic.  And that includes me, at 57 I have had to really start paying attention to my fitness and health and Crosstrainer is helping me do just that.

I wish you all the best in fitness and health, Greg

Matthew J


No wonder CT had gone dark for so many years!! Good to see you are back. I have moved on to the Garmin ecosystem because my CT8 DB, after many years of use, had gotten so big/bloated that I started to spend more time waiting for the pages to update than training. LOL!

Having my training sessions available on my FR955 is convenient! However, the biggest problems I see with the Garmin ecosystem is that it's hard to plan my training. Secondly, there is no convenient way to analyze the data and see trends. Both of which were a breeze with Crosstrainer!

It would be cool if CT could read, write, and update .fit files. I know big wish list LOL!

Anyway, welcome back, and I hope CT10 is as successful as it's predecessors!


Thanks Matthew!  I appreciate your feedback.  I had a look at the fit SDK and there is actually a possibility of linking to it, I'll try a few tests and see how it goes.  I see that there are many fitness ecosystems out there now and I do believe that Crosstrainer provides a unique way to plan, execute and monitor training.   I have had a great time developing CT10 and I would say it finally reflects my vision of how to manage fitness and training.  So no matter what, its great to be back working on CT again!