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crosstrainer 7 fitness software

If you are interested in improving your health, fitness and general wellness, if you are an amateur or professional athlete, if you are into strength training, aerobics, cardio, body building, weekend sports or a health & fitness buff--Crosstrainer is for you.  If you are concerned about your diet, losing weight, managing your blood sugar levels--Crosstrainer can help you.

Crosstrainer has been designed to help you set and achieve your nutritional and fitness goals. Monitor what you eat, track your fitness activities, create and manage your workouts, track your measurements and personal information; set goals for yourself. Graph your progress and check out your daily, weekly, monthly totals and see if you are achieving your goals.

Crosstrainer is a complete strength training, nutrition, cardio, wellness and medication software.  Crosstrainer is designed by fitness professionals to help you reach and maintain your goals.  We've been doing this since 1991.

Whatever your fitness activities and whatever diet you follow, Crosstrainer will adapt and provide you with an easy to learn tool to assist you in your daily progress.

nutrition software view

Crosstrainer has one of the best nutrition and dietary management systems in the software market today. With a customizable food database containing over 10,000 usda items and their nutrient values, and a virtually unlimited capacity for additional entries, Crosstrainer leads the way for tracking your dietary needs. And the shopping cart feature is very handy for keeping track of your grocery needs.

workout softwareCrosstrainer has a very thorough and robust strength training component that can assist the beginner or the most experienced weight lifter. With thousands of machine, free-weight and calisthenic exercises to choose from, it won't be hard to create a workout right for you. And, of course, with Crosstrainer's extensive variety of exercises, getting bored in the gym will be a thing of the past. Crosstrainer fitness software also containes hundreds of predefined workouts to select and easily create your new training plans the work for you in the way you want them to.

Cardio training software

Systematically organize your endurance exercise sessions and specific sports activities. Along with the nutrition and strength training components, conveniently manage your aerobic training and sport-specific needs. For the endurance athlete, easily track your activities, intensity levels, duration, distances, pace, heart rate, VO2max, training zones, and then graph them all to better analyze your workouts and fitness progress. Online users get the enhanced Route Builder tool that allows you to track and your routes via google maps and store them for your records.

                               wellness software

Crosstrainers comprehensive wellness log allows people to track and manage vital parts of their health. Such examples include, blood pressure, sleep, medications (including times and amounts), insoline levels, ect. This powerful feature has been proven time and time again as a key element in many users success in maintaining proper health within contrained enviornments such as unique health conditions.

 crosstrainer diet softwareA dietary log is crucial in the success of any diet plan wheather it be for weight loss, weight gain, athletic ability, or overall health improvement. Crosstrainer is the answer for anyone looking to manage their foods and their diets. The ability to create and customize diet plans and implement existing usda plans such as weight watchers, protein plus, and atkins assists in your success. Crosstrainer gives you the ability to see exactly what you are eatting and how it affects you. Succeed with your dietary goals with the powerful features in crosstrainer fitness software.

Crosstrainer Software - since 1989 creating best in class food diary, training log and wellness management through our fitness and health software. Our goal is to help individuals and professionals alike to achieve and teach lifelong health, fitness and performance.