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Crosstrainer News

Crosstrainer 8 for Windows is now Available


June/2014- Crosstrainer Software Corp. announces the release of Crosstrainer 8 for windows.  Our flagship software designed for athletic training, meal planning, logging and wellness management.  Crosstrainer 8 builds on previous releases of Crosstrainer, combining their best features with new ideas.  This provides our customers with a full featured program to create and manage workouts, training plans, diets, meal plans, client management, progress charts, medications and wellness.

This variety of features in one program makes Crosstrainer a fantastic tool for individuals, families, athletes, trainers and gyms to create fitness plans, to set goals and to help achieve them.

Crosstrainer's strong user base and the feedback users continually provide has helped Crosstrainer to create a product tailored to its customer's needs.  "Listening to our customers has enabled us to fine tune Crosstrainer and to provide a fantastic tool that will truly help our customers on their journey of health, fitness and wellbeing.  That's what built Crosstrainer - our genuine interest in helping people improve their health.  We started down this road in 1989 and since then have helped tens of thousands of people to do exactly this. Every decision you make, what you eat, how and when you exercise affects you immediately." - Greg Brady 

For a list of all the Crosstrainer 8 features, please  click on Read more

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