Why You Should Keep a Fitness Log

Why you should keep a Training Log

If all the benefits that keeping a training log affords an athlete were to come in a capsule, it would easily break every sport supplement sales record out there. However, it’s an old story ensconced by sexier, more exciting products such as the latest technological gadget or dietary supplement. But don’t be fooled, the old message sport experts convey, saying that keeping a training log is important, is more true than ever.

Every athlete should keep a daily training log - it is one of the best and least expensive training tools an athlete can utilize. You can learn a lot about yourself as an athlete and better plan your future training programs by tracking and recording your nutritional intake, your workouts and other specifics. Crosstrainer includes a newly developed, industry-leading training log for all athletes to use.

Spending 5-10 minutes each day consciously thinking about and recording what you’ve accomplished will allow you to identify finer details of your training program that would otherwise not be spotted. Knowing these details, good and bad, may be your extra advantage in competition and in attaining your fitness goals.

For example, as you continue to log your efforts over a series of consecutive days, the results are then visually in front of you, illustrating trends that may show progress (or lack of it) in your training. This is one of the best ways to spot difficulties early on so that you can adjust training with minimum ill effect. As well, simply thinking about and recording firmly your training can often prompt you to come up with new training ideas for fine-tuning and polishing your program for optimal progress. Good athletes not only spend time training and recovering, they spend time studying how to get better. One of the best ways to do that is to consistently log and scrutinize your workouts and overall training plan.

It’s fun and inspiring, too. Seeing all your hard effort and long miles recorded and organized in front of you can give you a greater sense of satisfaction and accomplishment, spurring you on to go further and be your best. The sense of control you gain over your training program by tracking it closely is also important. It reduces the stress and worry of wondering if you’re going in the right direction with your workout scheduling and exercise choices. And just as keeping a bedside diary can be fun, keeping a training journal can be enjoyable in much the same way.

You hear time and time again from coaches, fitness experts and authors how keeping a training diary is important. Sure, few will argue with that. But now, with Crosstrainer, you can have fun logging your training as well.

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