Uses for Crosstrainer

  • Set your goals and monitor your progress. Lose Weight, Build Muscle, Train for an Event whatever your goals, there is no better motivation than your success.
  • Manage workouts, diet/health issues. Crosstrainer's comprehensive food and workout databases are fully customizable to your preferences.
  • Throw away your notebooks and clipboards with Crosstrainer's online Mobile Web App module. Tracking your progress has never been more easy or accurate.
  • See how your health & mood is affecting your fitness progress. Monitor your Sleep, Medications, Psychology & more.
  • Never get bored with your fitness plans - set up new routines, training schedules & meals any time. Share your recipes & workouts with others.
  • Discover the methods that work for your body & adjust your program to give you the best results. Crosstrainer's extensive graphing & reporting tools illustrate the effectiveness of each area of your schedule

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