Exersice.About.com gives Crosstrainer a Great Review

Exercise.About.com gives great review to Crosstrainer!

Paige Waehner from Exercise.About.com recently reviewed Crosstrainer 5 and this is what she had to say about it...

"Crosstrainer 5 is a software program that allows you to track every part of your fitness program. Once you download it, it's easy to enter basic information about yourself and set fitness goals. The nutrition section has a database of over 10,000 foods and lets you track the percent or amount of protein, fats, carbohydrates and vitamins you're eating. My favorite part is the printable shopping list (I'm lazy). It also includes a strength training component to set up your lifting routine and an aerobic module to keep track of your cardio. For athletes, you can keep track of time, speed, pace-everything you need to get faster and stronger. Just about everything is customizable. Download a free trial to give it a go. Great value!"

We at Crosstrainer Fitness Corporation are very pleased with the review and the 4 1/2 out of 5 star rating from Exercise.About.com.

You can read the review for yourself here

About Paige Waehner:
Paige Waehner is an ACE certified personal trainer and freelance writer with more than ten years of exercise experience. Paige has been involved in fitness for 12 years. She is certified through ACE and trains clients in-home in the Chicagoland area. She is co-author of "The Buzz on Exercise & Fitness," and wrote the e-book "Guide to Be a Personal Fitness Trainer." Paige has written articles for "Desert Paradise," "Pregnancy Magazine," "Runner's World Online" and many other fitness websites, newsletters and magazines.

About Crosstrainer Corp
Crosstrainer Corporation ignited the fitness software industry in 1992 with Crosstrainer and has since maintained its reputation as a respected player in the field. Crosstrainer Corp is committed to bringing the best fitness software experience to athletes, exercise enthusiasts, educators and consumers around the world.

For additional information visit: http://www.crosstrainer.ca/

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Here is what a few of our customers are saying about Crosstrainer:

"I am in the military currently stationed in Iraq and it is hard to eat food that is considered healthy.  With your program though, I am able to see the nutritional value and adjust the portions to what I eat.  I don't have to “guesstimate” on the number of calories I am in-taking for expending.  Just set the servings to the specified measurement, and that is all.  I am also impressed at the exercise and strength workouts.  Also customizing my workouts to specifically my needs is great too.  As someone who is new to nutrition programs, I wanted to make sure I purchased the best.  After hours of research, your program, by far, is the best.  Numerous workouts, the ability to add, edit, and make recipes, workouts, and the nutrition program.  This is everything and more that what I wanted.  Thanks for a great product. "

Sonny USMC Iraq

" Dear Support Team. I really do like Crosstrainer as a health aid.  I have a number of serious medical problems.  Crosstrainer helps me to follow an exercise schedule as well as eating more healthy.  I must say that I was very pleasantly surprised at the promptness of your reply.  That is something rare in cyberworld.  Thank you so much for the great program and more especially the great support team."

Kathleen S. Krantz

" As a Personal Trainer I needed a database software package that could meet all the demands I needed for my business . After trying several demos, I chose  Crosstrainer . It is able to meet all these needs and  MORE!!! Crosstrainer is very reasonably priced, easy to use and the support for their clients is great!!! I'm looking forward to years of use. Thanks for a great program!!!"

Don Clark

"I would like to let you know how happy I am with the program. I have used it since about 2003 or so and I am even more in love with it now than I was then.You have included every feature that I could ever think of and some that I am happy someone else was able to imagine. I am with a group of soldiers here in Iraq and have been trying to get them in shape. Now that they are serious about training hard, I have been showing them what your product can do for their planning and analysis. Not only is your product of the highest quality but the service provided by the support team has been excellent. I am planning to send a link of your web site to my division training officer and "suggest" that he send it to the units throughout as an excellent "training tool". I hope your server does not overload with people visiting your site.

Finally, I would just like to thank you for continuing to take into consideration the needs and opinions of your customers and improving your service and products. Thank you."

v/r 1LT Siddahartha Arias

Hello Cross Trainer Team,

Thank you for such a quick response. I have used Cross Trainer for 5 years for personal fitness. I like the user interface and the knowing exactly what I need to do to reach my goals. This would be much more difficult to track and visualize had I not found Cross Trainer using a web search engine. I also like the improvements you've made to it over the years.

I liked it enough that I recommended it to a coworker who wanted to loose a lot of weight and with Cross Trainer's guidance he was able to loose 60 pounds. We trained together for months! Of course the motivation was his, but I believe what helped him keep his motivation was that he could visualize what to expect and plan exactly what to do to reach his goals using Cross Trainer. Without his ability to see the ounces they would have never of turned into pounds.

Gone are the days where your job and lack of money kept you in shape. Today you have to plan that sort of thing, which is a big surprise and disappointment but true. Cross Trainer is ideal for that. Thank you very much. Best Regards."


"I have found your software to be just great. I has a large database and is easily customized. The biggest thing I have found is if you keep track of your data properly one is surprised at their daily intake, etc. I am working on getting back in shape and with diet, exercise and your software I have been able to lose approx. 15 lbs so far. Feel free to use me for a reference."

D.R. Sams, Jr.

"Thanks for the ongoing support over the past couple years.  Your support is unbeatable!  I have upgraded my home & work PC's a couple of times, never has there been a hesitation to provide the update and get me back on my feet. The software is amazing!"

Thank you! Bob Baker

"I'll just take a quick second to let you know what I
think of your software.  I am an active duty Marine in
1st Force Reconnaisance Company.  Fitness is a big
part of our lifestyle and is essential to our mission.
  I am 30 years old, and I find that as I get older it
becomes more and more challenging to reach my fitness
goals and maintain that level of fitness.  A large
part of that is proper nutrition and diet.  Carefull
monitoring of food intake is essential, but very
challenging for most people (myself included).  Your
software goes a long way towards making that
monitoring easy. 

Your software is easy to use, completely customizable,
and very comprehensive.  I like that you can add
excercises and meals that aren't in you sizable
database, so that you are not limited in any way.
Your software, coupled with a good quality heart
monitor and a scale or other adequate means of
computing body fat, take all of the guesswork out of
achieving fitness goals. 
If I were a personal trainer I would consider this software vital
to my business.  I will be telling anyone that's interested what a great product you have."

Sgt. Aren Brandfass USMC

"As regards to what I think of Crosstrainer. I am at present recommending your program to all my friends and who ever I find that is willing to take advice on training. I am sold on it as I have been training all my life with just a metal calculator. now for the first time  I set achievable goals and achieve them with the help of your program. I have visual motivation on a daily basis. It is absolutely a part of my daily routine now to watch my progress. (Or My Lack thereof) Thank you for a great product Take Care"


"Crosstrainer is absolutely fantastic!   I'm astonished that it is not more known¹.one of the finest sports and strength programs I have ever come across².the most comprehensive software available for a great price³."

"You probably get a lot of email telling you how great your software is. I just wanted to let you know that it has changed my life. I had spent several months researching and trying various diets and had basically figured out what would work for me. However, I know that I needed a way to track and record my result. I searched the web hoping that someone had discovered what I had, and developed a software package to help. Your program came up in my search and contained all that I was looking for. I have been able to lose 25 pounds 4 inches off my waist and I have lead many others to your site. I am now in control of my weight and fitness. "

Thanks !
Joal Curtis

I am a 45 year old powerlifter. I have a few trophies, but I've had trouble in this past year maintaining my focus.

I've searched high and low, and I know what is out there. Crosstrainer is the best. I've got my focus back. More than that, I can bring in a scientific approach to my nutrition. Just what the doctor ordered for a mid-life crisis!

Thanks a million guys!

Chuck Marunde

The new software is absolutely the best! Honestly, I can't think of any other features that I would add had I designed it myself. this addition is terrific.

I recommend your program to many of my students and
coworkers as being the absolute best!                   Thanks again!
Richard Valentine
Navy Fitness Instructor/Personal Trainer
Cooper Institute of Aerobics Research
United States Navy

Downloaded Crosstrainer ; tried it, liked it, bought it.
Brilliant product.

Dave Jukes, UK

Crosstrainer is a fantastic product, and is almost single-handedly responsible for my turnaround from "couch potato" to fitness freak!

Mark Beale

I love the program. To be able to replace calorie reference guides, notebooks, calculators, and all the normal drudge work with your program has freed up a great deal of time. This is the best program I have found for serious athletes.

Paul Quinlan

From this one program, I can track just about every aspect of my health. As a computer programmer myself, I realize that you and your staff must have put in some serious time to get the level of functionality in the system and I, for one, am glad that you did.

Aaron J. Gorham

Thank you for your help in finding a software package for my fitness program that encompasses nutrition, aerobic conditioning and strength training. I looked at a download from [a competitor], but there is no comparison with Crosstrainer.

Rick Roberts

It integrates the two most important components of a good wellness program, exercise and nutrition.  I especially like the graphical representation showing the percentage of carbs, protein and fat. It is really a very flexible tool and I plan to use Crosstrainer for myself and my clients.

Sylvia Buie-Wyborski
Personal Trainer

¹ John McKee
² Terry Squier
³ Donald Hadden

Top 5 Reasons to Use Fitness Software

Top 5 Reasons for Fitness Software

There are some very key components to any good, successful fitness program or sports training regime - make it fun, have goals, strike a balance, practice a holistic approach, and have a plan. A good fitness software application can help you organize and plan your active lifestyle so that all these important components are covered. Let's look a little more closely at the top five reasons why a good fitness software program is useful.

1. Organization

With a good fitness software program, not only can you set your athletic endeavors on the right track, but you can also arrange your work meetings, chores and everyday tasks for easy management. Make life easier and less stressful by having it laid out in front of you for easy management and follow-through. Being organized and well-scheduled will allow you to then find the time to get that workout accomplished. For many of us, it's that day's workout that is first to get axed from the "things to do" list when life gets a little too hectic. When your day is planned well with the use of a good fitness software program, the odds are your exercise workouts will survive the turmoil of everyday life.

2. Motivational

This is one of the key benefits of using a good fitness software program. It's like setting out the clothes you're going to wear for the next day. Or detailing in advance the activities and jobs in your "to do" list. When you have clear goals and a proper plan set forth in front of you, getting up in the morning for that day's busy schedule can be so much easier - even fun. This certainly holds true for a good exercise or weight loss plan. When you have your fitness goals and exercise schedule laid out in front of you ready to go, finding time, energy and psychological drive for your workouts is a breeze. That's one of the greatest benefits of a good fitness software application. Having an easy-to-use, enjoyable and efficient means to design, schedule and track your training plans and fitness goals is so important….and so motivating. With good fitness software, getting up at 5 a.m. for your early-morning, pre-work workout isn't nearly so tough.

3. Time-saving

Why spend countless hours, sketching, drawing, erasing, writing and rewriting lengthy training plans and diaries on paper the old fashion way? An easy-to-use, adaptable fitness software program should enable you to swiftly and accurately plan, edit, log and re-edit all your training and fitness plans in a fraction of the time. A good fitness application will allow you to quickly and easily print out the pages you need in a professional looking format so you can bring them with you to your workouts or share them with your coach and friends.

For pretty much everyone today, working at a computer is a common, daily necessity. We've all become accustomed to using our machines to speed up work and day-to-day tasks. Most everyone will agree, typing out and printing a list is a lot easier and faster on a computer than doing it by hand. This is certainly true as well for managing your fitness and lifestyle goals. Imagine you're working on a report at work and you suddenly remember you' re out of milk at home. A good fitness and lifestyle management program should allow you to bring up a grocery list with a couple quick clicks of the mouse, then back to your work with hardly a blink of an eye. Good fitness software on your work or home PC will make life's path a little more efficient…and a lot more fun.

4. Illuminating

Effective fitness software can help you see where you're going and where you've been. Systematizing your exercise and training program can better expose the strengths and weakness of your plan. It can enable you to look back at your training logs and determine what worked and what didn't work for you. For example, let's say you had this really fantastic race last season. Everything went perfectly; it seemed like a flawless performance. You can go back and view your training plan to see your preparations leading up to that perfect day. Good fitness software will have your training plan stored away in its database for you to view and examine whenever you wish.

Furthermore, an effective software program will have a training diary where you can log all your results and training details. Viewing this data can assist you in determining how your lead-up to that successful race went. An effective fitness program would also allow you to see your food intake for the week leading up to that event and what your race-day food consumption was; it would allow you to assess how you slept and recovered during that period; and allow you to review what other events, aside from training, may have occured and influenced your results; and so on...

5. Fun

Last but certainly not least, using a cool, easy, effective, cutting-edge fitness software program to organize and plan your training and lifestyle choices can be fun. Experiment, design, render, fashion, form, shape and then analyze - these are all things you can enjoyably do with your training and exercise plan when using a good fitness software program. Being able to easily utilize the very latest technology to make your life and fitness goals easier is cool and fun.

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